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Something to think about .... responsible pet ownership.

Posted by doodlebugmanor on April 10, 2015 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

 Being a 'public' entity - a corporate Non Profit,  puts you 'out there' - it puts the thing that you've built, maintain, and hold dear on display with no selective process -  so you're open to all types of people, opinions, thoughts, and we have had our fair share of good / bad:   from denied perspective adopters who have threatened us and our rescue's existance, to those who have personally attacked us for not providing the help they wanted at the time they wanted it, to those who will offer to foster, or out of the blue contact us with an offer of supplies or support  -  born from their own love of animals. It's a mixed bag for sure.

Sometimes a message can obtain an odd status of both the best/worst simoltaniously -  it depends on your perspective and your ability to seperate your personal reaction to something that is said,  and take the perspective of "Rescuer" first. Just such an email came today -   from " Jennifer " .... 

" Both ....( of your cats) ......... are absolutely precious. I never cage any pet as they are equal to me and far better than most humans and deserve only the very best of care: food, clean water, fun and play and above all love.

I just do not know, since I am a senior if I will live long enough to see them through to their Rainbow Bridge. I have no one who I would trust to give them the care they deserve should I no longer be here and I don't want to adopt just because I would love them so much. I must also think of their futures. Also, I have my precious little rescued dog, Sprout and would have to be sure he could accept a new companion. My kitty Sylvester I had the privilege of living with him for 16 years when he passed away f rom a heart condition..I still mourn all of my beloved pets who have gone to Heaven."

Of course - my first hope for every email coming in from our posting sites (  Adopt a Pet,  Petfinder ...) directly is that someone has seen our beloved cat(s) is wanting to adopt. 

The Rescuer / Human side of me skims the content and is disappointed to see this merely a comment.   No potential home here for our cats.  But on the second reading the real meaning of what this message contains comes through and touches my heart.  This is not only a proclomtion of a true pet lover who values the love and that special bond between human and pet but someone who has come to terms with the fact that her age and health condition now prevent her from having another chance at that bond within her own home. 

Acting out of responsibility and a true respect for the life she would like to take in and know - she is making the responsible decision not to adopt for the sake of the pet.   

This is one animal lover reaching out to another just to express and share her love of animals.  I know in my heart - I will be at the same point one day in my own life - where the more responsible thing to do - is NOT to adopt for the sake of the life that would depend on me at a time I likely wouldn't be there for their entire life span. Jennifer has throught through her options and knows that with no other option to offer a pet in the event she cannot care for them,  that she cannot commit to them.   It's the responsible choice - and I have a huge respect for her decision and her heart.  She has obviously thought through the idea, and is putting the needs of the animal above her own desire.  It's such a giving decision, and that of a true animal advocate. 

I wish more adopters from all age / circumstances would put in the same thought and consideration before commiting to the care of a pet 'for life'.   We need more Jennifer's in the world. 

Now - I wonder if she'd consider foster ?! ...........=^..^=

Rocky From Rags to Riches 2014/2015

Posted by doodlebugmanor on April 6, 2015 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

ROCKY 2014

This is one of my favorite pictures of Rocky - and it's not easy to choose, because he is not only extremely photogenic ( for a black cat! ) but he is extremely charming - and it seems to tranaslate to film. 

Rocky entered our lives fairly abruptly and with all the drama of an off broadway show early one Sunday morning.  My husband (Gregg) and I walked out of the house on our way to breakfast - when a small black streak caught my eye ....  something running up the front yard and behind some shrubbery of our neighbors yard.   Since we're been doing TNR and rescue for some years now,  both hubby and I are pretty adept these days at spotting, assessing, and determining in a split second if the situation warrants intervention.... After a quick inspection that turned up nothing - we went on our way. 

Returning that morning, we were exiting the car - only to find our neighbor come screeching from her open garage door, squeeling and throwing a water bottle ( empty thank goodness ) at the shubbery.  We could make out the words ' What is it ? !   What is it ?! ' as a black streak darted out of the greenery and underneath her car.  All the commotion brought her son from the house, accompanied by their minnie pincher and 5 german sheppard puppies.    As I peered under the car into two huge, beatiful amber eyes and a familiar shape of face, I informed her it was a cat ( not a skunk, or worse ... )  Immediatly - she returned to the house to find some puppy formula to offer this vagabond cat, and I darted into action to grab my rescue gloves, a can of cat food while hubby sprung into action to assemble the dog crate we keep in the garage for just such emergencies ... ( this is not our first ).

Not really knowing what to expect from a lonely, frightened, and 'cornered' stray cat surrounded by dogs & strangers we tempted him out from under the car with food, and lunged in to pick him up and transport him to the make shift shelter we'd set up in the garage.  All our concerns were for not - this cat was not upset at all - quite the contrary - he seemed happy to be on some soft bedding and somewhere 'safe'.

Rocky ( as Gregg dubbed him  -  in honor of his brave spirit and his ability to survive on his own on the streets ...) was pretty banged up, way too thin, and had several bite wounds from his back leg to his front - but perhaps the most daunting wound was the gaping 'tunnel' into the side of his neck.  Some TLC and neosporin later - he was settled in to spend the night, and prepare for his vet visit the next morning. 

This proved to be the first day of the rest of Rocky's life -  Rocky laid down on the cool tile floor in the vet office and turned his huge amber eyes up to look all around the room and take in the new sights, smells, sounds ... and purred for the duration.  When the vet entered the exam room, Rocky began to charm her instantly.   The prognosis  - negative for feline aids and leukemia (!) our first relief and tho he was malnurished and had an upper respiratory infection in addition to the wounds - these were all curable ailments!

Rocky came home and convelessed in our extra bedroom for several weeks with his wounds attended to and plenty of cat like things to keep him interested, tho he mostly sat on the dog crate to look out the window.   From his behavior and absolute absense of knowledge about toys, and/or how to be snuggled - it was somewhat puzzling where he'd originally come from.   A cat this freindly and loving, but with no apparent knowledge of having been a pet prior,  was a real mystery.

While he continued to heal,  It did become necessary to perform defridement surgery on his neck opening, but he healed beautifully and moved into the Manor with the rest of our adoptable crew.   Rocky adapted beautifully to this transition as well - with other cats and shared space. He staked out a spot on the  tip top of the condo nearest the top window in the Manor - and settled right in.

Rocky charmed his way into the good graces of every cat and every human he met in his time with us.  We are crazy about him, and gave serious thought to even keeping him with our crew - when the perfect home opened for him.  

Dear friends of ours who have taken in a few of our precious rescues over the years tragically lost of their oldest cats to illness, and soon came the text = to pack Rocky's bags,  he was going home!   True to his nature,  Rocky arrived with suitcase in hand,  complete with his favorite canned food and some out-of- this- world organic cat nip toys.  He was instantly welcomed and became buddies with a cute female kitty - and has charmed his way into everyone's hearts at his new home!   

Rocky is a one of a kind cat.   He does things in his own time,  with a laid back approach, and his little pink tongure peeking out the edge of his mouth to show contentment and joy is beyond charming.   Rags to Riches - all within 5 months time - he is a wonderful loving soul !  


1. Rocky - now adopted and fully moved into his new loving home - we even see the little pink tongue of contentment!

2. Rocky the first morning in the vet's office - he was so small and undernourished, he looked like a kitten. 

Autumn 2012

Posted by doodlebugmanor on September 13, 2012 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

With the 'early' onset of the Fall weather for Nashville - the kitties are enjoying their enclosed porch and warm beds, but

still hoping to find good, loving homes of their own. We have such a variety of beautiful, loving, and funny kittens, including a Snowshoe Siamese kitten - who is a love muffin.

What better way to celebrate Autumn then with a new, warm, loving friend ?  A DOPTION ~

New Year - New Hope and New Love for our Adopters !

Posted by doodlebugmanor on January 5, 2010 at 12:08 PM Comments comments (0)


There is a reason we've chosen to stay a small rescue. :D

( At LEAST one really .... )

We really enjoy the attention and quality of care we're able to give each cat/kitten we can help - and the time to really get to know their purr-sonalities, and quirks, the types of homes they'll do best in,  and the behaviors that really bring out their strengths and wonderful attributes!   We genuinely enjoy grooming our feline friends to be happy, well adjusted pets. We genuinely love them, and do our best to teach them the value of being loved and cherished as well.

( I can't even imagine running a rescue where the felines in our care are caged and contained while they wait for their forever homes.)  

We acknowledge and accept the drawbacks of that decision: 

  • Yep, we're small, and yep - money is tight  ALWAYS
  • We miss out on some perks to stay in business the larger rescues are offered.
  • Yep - sometimes the decisions we have to make are hard, and there's no one to ask.

But we love what we do,  we do it right, (we are 501c3 ) we love the wonderful people who take the time to come out and meet our cats, and we will always have a special place in our heart for those who adopt and love one of the cats we've cared for and loved = they are extended Doodlebug Manor family !

So here's to a new year,  a new decade, and new hope that more wonderful pets will find the right homes, and more wonderful adopters will come to know the love and companionship of a pet cat !

All they is love .....