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Cat & Kitten Rescue 

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Doodlebug Manor is a 501c3 
Non-Profit - so your donations are tax deductible!


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We are a small, dedicated,  100 % volunteer cat &
kitten rescue in the Manatee County, FL  area.  

( Our rescue relocated  to Florida in 2018.)

The cats and kittens we are able to help come from many different  situations, backgrounds, risks and 

                                                                                       environments, but they all arrive with the same hopes and desires -  a place to belong.

Our mission remains to provide a safe, loving foster environment

 where our feline friends to have the opportunity to heal, grow and socialize to gain the quality of life they



We believe the right home and family are out there for each of these cats, and 

so we set about helping them to find it. 


The need to assist homeless, abandoned, feral and 'at risk' cats continues.

If you believe in what we do,  please consider contributing to help us by 

making a donation  to Doodlebug Manor to help with the cost of care for these

cats and the many others still to come. 

* Doodlebug Manor is a Non Profit - 501c3 organization donations to our group are tax deductible!


Doodlebug Manor and For Mew 


Fundraiser ! 

Our dear friend and fellow cat lovers - 

FOR MEW on Etsy - has teamed up with 


Doodlebug Manor Cat Rescue to help raise

 funds for homeless cats in Nashville, TN! Meow!

From May 15th to May 30th when you 

purchase any of our CRISPS catnip toys from 

we will donate HALF of the sale to

 Doodlebug Manor.    HALF!!! 

Visit on of our online shops and treat your

 kitty to one of our groovy artisan CRISPS 

catnip toys and help another kitty down on

 their luck.

This fundraiser applies to the sales of our

 CRISPS toys only.  **  However if you 

purchase any other toy or quilt we will ALSO 

donate 10% of that sale to Doodlebug as


well.  Because we alway donate 10% of every 

sale to cats in need.   SHOP HERE:

Doodlebug Manor : Our adoptable Cats / Kittens ...


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