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Doodlebug Manor 501c3
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Non-Profit Cat Rescue Organization

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Doodlebug Manor 501c3 Non-Profit Cat & Kitten Rescue based in the Nashville, TN area. 

    We got our start some years ago working with feral communities of cats in our neighborhood.  We learned to trap, neuter, tame and/or release to improve the lives of cats.  Some were abandoned, some might've been lost, and some were born wild, doing their best to survive the challenges and threats the outdoor life brings. 

     From there, we volunteered at our local county shelter - and experienced another side of life for unclaimed /lost animals who found themselves in a county facility, facing uncertain futures.  The wonderful lives we were able to help combined with the never end need to help animals find good, loving homes is what lead to the start of Doodlebug Manor. 

     Over the years, we've continued to work with shelter cats/kittens, strays, ferals, community surrenders, rehoming needs, foster care, and of course adoption!  

      Doodlebug Manor is a labor of love.  100% Volunteer, and registered non-profit we are not funded, and rely on donations and grants to build and sustain our rescue.  

      We continue to do all we can to assist those cats/kittens in need with rescue, medical care, shelter, food, socialization in a non-caged home like environment so they make wonderful companions for their adoptive families.