Doodlebug Manor
Cat/Kitten Rescue & Adoption

Cat & Kitten Rescue 

Adoption with Doodlebug Manor  ...

We operate as a 'foster care' rescue program -  so the cats/kittens in our care are in a non-caged, home-like environment.   This gives them the advantage of personal TLC and one on one attention, and the opportunity to socialize with other cats. 

At Doodlebug Manor - we really know each cats' temperament, their endearing quirks and the type of home they'll do best in ... so we can help you find the pet your looking for. 


Our Process:

Adoption Application 

1. Complete our adoption application and return it to us:
    You can complete our basic adoption application and email it back to us.  We use the              application to work with you to help insure the cat/kitten you adopt is the one
     you're looking for.   We routinely perform veterinary references on each application.

2. Come to Doodlebug Manor and meet us:
     We invite our potential adopters to come out meet our cats/kittens in their environment
     where they are content and comfortable so you can really see their personalities and
     interact with them.  Many times the right cat will pick you!   We are in Davidson county,            and will set up a convenient time/day to meet once the application is received back. 

 3. Complete the adoption contract and fee:
       If you decide to adopt with us - we have a standard contract of adoption to be
      completed, and a set adoption donation fee which offsets the vetting and care costs we 
       provide for your new pet, and provides for the needs of the next cat/kitten we take in to
       help. We encourage potential adopters to prepare for your new pet ahead of time, in case        you decide to take them home with you - a cat carrier is required.

* Doodlebug Manor reserves the right to appove all applications before adoption can occur.


If you love pets but are unable to adopt at this time - you can still help by providing the much needed care and comfort they need - by sponsoring one of our foster cats !     
You can sponsor a cat/kitten in our care by donating to either our General Sponsorship Fund,  or specifically to our Emergency Fund - for those who need immediate/emergent care. 

Simply donate via the paypal button below - and indicate if you'd like your donation to help a specific cat through the General Fund or a cat in immediate need via the Emergency Fund. 

Follow Up : if  you adopt with us ....  

We send your new pets complete vet records, as well as a 'starter kit' home with you both to make your new relationship even more fun.
Post adoption, we will check back to insure everything is going well and answer any additional questions. 

** We always encourage adopters to take their new adoptive pet to their regular veterinarian so they can get to know each other right away !